Daniel Schläppi (1968), b, comp






3rd Tour in duo with Marc Copland


2 Tours in duo with Marc Copland

Features in: Concerto, Jazzpodium, Hörspiegel, Features in: Concerto, Jazzpodium, Hörspiegel, SRF 2 KULTUR Reflexe, Ö1 JAZZNACHT auf ORF



Finalist at international Music Competition (Paris) with «puerta sur»

Invitation to Madrid Jazzfestival with Tomas Sauter and Jorge Rossy

Features in: Jazz’n’more


Grant by the City of Berne: 6 month residence in New York

Recordings with Marc Copland for the Duo-CD daniel schläppi «essentials»

Music for a videoperformance by Seline Baumgartner for «Swiss Art Awards», Art Basel

Endorser of Pirastro


Features in: Deutschlandfunk, Jazzthing, Jazzthetik, Jazzpodium, NZZ am Sonntag, Aargauer Zeitung, Jazz’n’more



daniel schläppi «werkschau»: festival with four concerts of Schläppi’s own bands (in cooperation with «Kulturprofit Jenzer», Steffisburg/CH)
Manfred Papst writes about the work and the project by Daniel Schläppi: NZZ am Sonntag, 23.03.2008

since 2007

«puerta sur», tangomoods with Marcela Arroyo (voc) and Andreas Engler (vio)



winner of the «Anerkennungspreis des Kantons Bern» 2006



«marcos jimenez trio»



Foundation of the label «catwalk» together with Tomas Sauter

Tour with «daniel schläppi ‹dimensions›» in april 2005 (15 concerts, live-recording für the promotion-sampler of the «bird’s eye jazzclub» Basel, live-CD release planned for 2007)

concerts in trio «vallon / schläppi / egli»

«the elevators» (first: «orchestre maison»), with Elina Duni, Colin Vallon, Vera Kappeler, Bänz Oester and Norbert Pfammatter

since 2005


tomas sauter / daniel schläppi «indian summer», with Tomas Sauter, CD production for Radio DRS in march 2005, tour with 35 concerts in 05/06

«daniel schläppi ‹forces›», with Nils Wogram, Colin Vallon and Samuel Rohrer, CD production for Radio DRS in july 2005

«lukas bitterlin quartet», with Christoph Graf, Hanspeter Pfammatter and Lukas Bitterlin



«daniel schläppi ‹voices›» finalist at improvisation contest «concours marguerite de reding» (presented by Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein, stv)

«daniel schläppi ‹dimensions›» nomination for ZKB Jazz award

Film music by Araxi Araxi Karnusian for «ouverture d’une armoire» by Ines Meyer (First release at Solothurner Filmtage, nominated for swiss movie award in category short movies



ZKB Jazz award with «Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra»



araxi karnusian «strange sounds – beautiful music, suite for stringquartet and jazzband»

2002–2011   Sandro Schneebelis «scala nobile» (world music group), Tour with 40 concerts, concert at the «Estival Jazz Lugano» 2004 and for one week during the Olympic Games in Athens 2004

since 2002


«daniel schläppi ‹voices›» (original compositions), with Domenic Landolf, Jürg Bucher and Dominic Egli

«daniel schläppi ‹dimensions›» (standard tunes), with Jürg Bucher and Colin Vallon

Selection of «daniel schläppi ‹voices›» gets highest rating for swiss «diagonales» festival 2003






«Martin Dahanukars Bloodsystem»



«Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra»



Participation in Rufus Reid master classe



«Regula Haener & My Dear little Orchestra», CD recording for swiss radio DRS



More than 75 concerts with «Bluejazz» featuring saxophone player Steve Elson from NYC. CD «Play of Colours» with Steve Elson being edited by well-known german Jazz label «Edition Collage»



«Rita Share’s Ocelot»



About 70 concerts on «The Hold On Tour» with american singer and trumpet player Bill Holden



Tournee with «Twice a Week» and the singer Rhonda Dorsey

«Just oldfashioned». CD production and edition at Televisione RTSI (contemporary jazz)



Collaboration with «Oli und die Puristen», with Oli Kuster and Lukas Bitterlin



Professional activities as instrumental teacher



Musicals in Bern municipal theater: «Cabaret» (1992), «Chicago» (1994), «Sweet Charity» (1995)



Bass player with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio». Concert activities. Five own CD productions so far. 1995 live concert take at Radio Rete 2 Lugano for CD «Live and Elsewhere.

Several CDs awarded by swiss radio DRS. «To the Point» mentioned in «Radio Swiss International Selection». «Everything I Love» elected by «DRS 2 Apéro» as the only swiss among 12 international best new Jazz releases in 1999 («Golden Dozen»). Recently edited in Japan.



Bass player of crossover band «Twice a Week». About 270 shows in well-known jazz clubs all over Europe. Four own CD productions. Concert takes in Zurich radio studio. Several concerts at Leverkusen international jazz days and Leverkusen «Street-Live» festival, at Bayreuth «Jazzfestspiele» and Mannheim and Cully Jazz festivals. Participation at «Suisse Diagonale» (musicians exchange with french speaking part of Switzerland)






Concerts with


Marc Copland, Jorge Rossy, Art Farmer, Eric Alexander, Steve Elson, Colin Vallon, Nils Wogram, Tomas Sauter, Domenic Landolf, Jürg Bucher, Sandro Schneebeli, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Vinz Vonlanthen, Sandy Patton, John Voirol, George Robert, Matthias Spillmann, Leo Tardin, Donat Fisch, Philippe Schaufelberger, Werner Hasler, Fabian Kuratli, Michael Zisman, Stefan Rigert, Jan Galega Brönnimann, Daniel Woodtli, Oliver Kuster, Elina Duni, Christoph Grab, Julian Sartorius, Dejan Terzic, Antonello Messina etc.








See information under «projects», several engagements in free-, experimental- and orchestral music.



Press reviews




Instrumentalist and composer

Peewee Windmüller in jazz’n’more, 02.2004


«The Bernese bass player opens the throttle: The number of concerts he gives during a year is better than average, as much can be said about the creativity with which Schläppi sets to work. His influences are much in evidence with each of his units. Based on dynamics and thorough solidarity he rolls out the carpet for his musicians, supports them and allows them to take excursions into improvisation, but at the same time he never shies away from taking the lead himself. He doesn't play the ‹dictator› though, but stays the expressive bass player who has the necessary understanding for a break at the perfect spot. He doesn't put tight reins on the band, but loosens them without letting them slip from his hands.»


Peter Butcher, Radio 209forum / GB, 08.01.2009

«One of the things I like to do on this show is highlight musicians and bands that deserve wider recognition – and clearly falling into that category is the Swiss bass player Daniel Schläppi.»

w w w . v i e l s e i t i g e n g a g i e r t . c h, 04.2004


«Daniel Schläppi […] as well as Enrico Pieranunzi, Sokal / Puschnig or Trovesi / Coscia represent the versatility and class of improvised music from the ‹old continent›.»


New York saxophonist Eric Alexander about Daniel Schläppi, 04.2002


«Daniel Schläppi is a very talented and gifted musician [...] and really playing his ass off!»


Interview with famous pianist Stewy von Wattenwyl, Berner Woche Nr. 115/1999

«With his sense of time and his precision Daniel Schläppi is, concerning my personal musical needs, the best bass player in Switzerland [...] groove master number one.»


Der Oberhasler, 26.03.1999


«Outstanding was the bass player Daniel Schläppi, who provided the required firm ground to it all.»


Berner Woche Nr. 65/1998


«The writer’s favourite is ‹Call Me Bop› by bass player Daniel Schläppi. The composition pleases with its laconic and nearly Coleman-like approach.»


Programm 1. Oltener Jazztage 1998


«We meet our old friend Daniel Schläppi playing bass, whose outstanding abilities we could experience again and again. Daniel is one of the toughest bass players on the scene and he knows all the tricks of the trade.»


Oltener Tagblatt, 03.11.1998


«Schläppi managed to chose his bass lines so cleverly that they, on the one hand sounded like jazzy, swinging walking bass, but on the other hand also showed features of the blues. During his solos the bass player satisfied with well thought out and well placed phrases and made brilliant use of double stops and sound effects as well.»


Aargauer Zeitung, 30.03.1998

«Daniel Schläppi’s incredibly melodic bass playing conveyed a lot of blues feeling. His often subtle playing was received as well as his driving bass lines.»


Thuner Tagblatt, 11.03.1998

«Daniel Schläppi enthused with his expressive chordal leaps on the bass.»


Thurgauer Volksfreund, 23.02.1998

«If he starts demonstrating his virtuosic playing on his instrument, one realizes how important his playing is for the whole band’s character. Daniel Schläppi’s groove carries the piano and supports it even more than the drums do.»


Berner Zeitung, 23.10.1997

«‹Bluejazz› can be found in the melodious solos of the bass player who produces more than just ‹blue notes› with his soft touch.»


Der Bund, 27.01.1997

«‹You’re Welcome›, a composition by Daniel Schläppi, stuck in one’s mind for a long time!»


Berner Zeitung, 24.01.1997

«Daniel Schläppi’s deep, round bass sound is the connecting link of the rhythm group. He’s a true master of grooving sounds.»


Brückenbauer, 19.07.1995

«Daniel Schläppi plays acoustic bass with a feeling.»


Waldshuter Zeitung, 07.03.1995

«There was no holding Daniel Schläppi at his six string bass which he masters with floating ease and yet highest intensity.»


Corriere del Ticino, 14.01.1995

«[...] with Daniel Schläppi playing bass, swinging like Jaco Pastorius.»


Saarlouiser Rundschau / D, 22.02.1994

«The new CD, by which I was especially stunned because of its mind-blowing, dynamic title track ‹Daniel Düsentrieb›, even goes two notches up. After a sensitive bass introduction follows a glimpse of a bass and drums storm which releases its full energetic power in a explosive mix of free jazz. A veritable ‹über-song› which is capable of sweeping the audience into a seven minute maelstrom of wildly rotating instrumental music.»


Der Bund, 29.12.1993

«The title track ‹Daniel Düsentrieb› sounds as fascinating yet completely different, an innovative hot and cold bath of extremely soft guitar solo and rocket-like breaking loose of the whole band.»


Saarlouiser Rundschau / D, 13.04.1993

«Daniel Schläppi serves a deliciously concise bass solo.»


Berner Zeitung, 02.03.1992

«A bass player who might have emerged from New York’s hot funk scene, but who plays as well bebop themes from a time he wasn’t even born yet.»


Previous projects

Der Bund, 07.10.2003

«Transatlantic kinship

[…] The comparison between the rhythm team on the two said albums ends in a draw, which means as much as that Stewy von Wattenwyl (p), Daniel Schläppi (b) and Peter Horisberger (dr) don't need to be afraid to be compared to - in the same order - Harold Mabern, Ron Carter and Joe Farnsworth: An observation to which must be attributed an even bigger importance as the ‹American› Trio is no pick-up-band, but, like in the Swiss case, a team. Mabern and Farnsworth count as Alexander's old partners which can now also be said about Schläppi, Horisberger and von Wattenwyl. Listening to ‹Live at Bird‘s Eye› makes one realize what musical kinship is flourishing here.»


Jack Bowers, www.allaboutjazz.com, Summer 2003


«Apart from that modest blemish there’s nothing to censure, as Eric Alexander and the trio are clearly at the top of their form and have produced a marvelous album that’s unequivocally buoyant and ship-shape from stem to stern.»


Volksblatt / FL, 25.03.2002

The quartet got worked up «into a virtuosity of play which led to an almost boundless and therefore fantastic ‹orgy of improvisation›.»


Schweizer Familie, 02.09.1999

«With their latest album the best trio of Swiss jazz proves its quality [...] Three experts in perfect tune present classic and very dynamic mainstream jazz.»


Beat Blaser, jazz editor at DRS II in Apéro-Special from 15.04.1999

«The trio is one of the longest-living ones in this country and is perfectly attuned to each other. You can hear this. [...] The three members have achieved a confidence and ease in their playing which makes possible anything at any time. [...] This trio works absolutely autonomous, embedded in a long tradition to which it returns without having to steal a glance at role models and without having to hide from American groups.»


Berner Zeitung, 23.10.1997

«The quartet’s voyage of discovery remains a striking experience. You can watch a innovative group in a process which hopefully is not yet over for a long time.»


Thuner Tagblatt, 20.10.1997

The band «with Steve Elson from the USA enriches the Swiss jazz scene with fascinating sounds as a acoustic quartet. Professionalism convinces all over; virtuosity and intuition fascinate and electrify. Beautifully intervoven solos and duets played softly or powerfully, seem like a sparkling night sky or roaring breakers: earthy, impressive, entertaining, overwhelming.»


Vevey-Hebdo, 17.10.1997

«One can’t help being carried away by the rhythm and being seduced by the rich jazz and groove sunds played by Steve Elson and the trio of excellent musicians [...] They build an extremely tight group and play with pleasure as could be evidenced. To judge by the enthusiasm the audience showed, the success, here, is assured!»


Lichtung / D, Nr. 4, 10.1997

«There is not a dry eye left! How it swings, how it sparkles. Eternities were produced by left out sounds. Longish breaks, funky outbreaks, solemn introspection, followed by rising cool harmonies. Jazz is back!»


Les victoires de la musique / F, No 43, 05.1997

«A trio how we like it. Full of swing, subtleness, where a melodious adventure finds its way.»


Der Bund, 27.01.1997

«The three musicians already prove perfect musical harmony and huge individual wealth of ideas in the title track. [...] What started out as a subtle and lyrical song became, after a filigreed piano and bass improvisation, a incredibly swinging tune. The trio, which played with uncanny sureness and yet in free interplay, demonstrated in a impressive way that powerfull playing doesn’t necessarily have to be of high volume.»


Zofinger Tagblatt, 05.02.1996

«The ‹kleine bühne zofingen› turned into an intimate ‹elite jazz club› on Saturday for a couple of hours. The trio once more proved that it is one of the best of the Swiss jazz scene. The young but deep-rooted professionals painted a colorful, inspiring and easily accessible picture of ‹modern and contemporary jazz› with their diverse mix from Coltrane to Ellington, enhanced by originals from their second CD ‹Live and Elswhere›.»


Linthtaler Zeitung, 28.12.1995

«The trio played brilliant modern jazz in front of a enthusiastic crowd. The musicians [...] not only mastered their instruments virtuosically, but they all are composers, too. Standards also are part of their repertoire; they are not only adapted by the trio, but even advanced and interpreted in new ways. The Christmas carol played for the occasion was arranged in such a wilful way and refreshingly jazzy that it was hard to recognize. The musical scope ranged from tender ballads, groovy and fast titles to electrifying songs with South American rhythms.»


Naird Notes / US, Vol. X, Nr. 2, 08.1995

«The trio sound is very fresh, direct and dynamic. This is jazz for the next century!»


New Releases Swiss Jazz, 07.1995

«The trio performs rousing modern jazz which thrills through its original, virtuous and sensitive interplay!»


Bündner Zeitung, 08.07.1995

«A jewel in piano jazz trio; and this means that the trio’s music is neither askew, nor angular, nor compromising some acquired hearing habits. The substance and finally the quality of this trio’s music lies in its looseness but also in its powerfulness.»


Saarlouiser Rundschau / D, 20.06.1995

«The three musicians show a high-spirited manner of playing at a constantly high level. Pulsingly virtuosic at times, ignitingly creative at others, but never worn-out.»


Waldshuter Zeitung / D, 07.03.1995

«A concert of extra class, which belongs, musically speaking, among the best I experienced over the last years.»


City Journal Heidelberg / D, 12.1993

The group proves that «Switzerland has more to offer than cows, cheese and conventions.»


Berner Oberländer, 03.12.1993

«The probably busiest Swiss jazz group has gathered a true audience all over Europe with their unique style.»


Heilbronner Nachrichter / D, 24.03.1993

«What the musicians achieve in soloing reaches from a very subtle carving, virtuosic brushwork to aggressive action-painting.»


Trossinger Zeitung / D, 11.03.1993

«A group which rises above the European jazz scene by its refreshing crossover.»


Zofinger Tagblatt, 16.03.1992

«The group manages to present new tendencies and possibilities in a musically convincing way.»


Rheinische Post / D, 23.09.1991

«The Bernese musicians turned out to be well-skilled rhythm specialists and impressed by their almost liwithless versatility.»


Andy LaVerne

«Take the lineage of the great jazz piano trios (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, McCoy Tyner a.o.) Then take three talented, swinging, adventurous musicians, all with deep roots in this rich jazz piano tradition and you have the S. v. W. Trio. They have assimilated elements of their predecessors and fashioned them into a highly personal and satisfying approach.»








daniel schläppi «more essentials» in duo with Marc Copland



«perceptions» with Tomas Sauter & Jorge Rossy, Mix & Mastering Gérard de Haro, Studios La Buissonne, Pernes Fontaines / F



«jörg schneider «wollgras» with Tomas Sauter and Jörg Schneider



daniel schläppi «essentials» in duo with Marc Copland



«wonderland» with Tomas Sauter & Jorge Rossy, Mix & Mastering Gérard de Haro, Studios La Buissonne, Pernes Fontaines / F

«first day in spring» mit Tomas Sauter, Aufnahmen, Mix & Mastering Gérard de Haro, Studios La Buissonne, Pernes Fontaines / F


«puerta sur» with Marcela Arroyo and Andreas Engler

sandro schneebeli «scala nobile» (world music group)



daniel schläppi «voices live» with Jürg Bucher, Domenic Landolf and Dominic Egli



«different» mit marcos jimenez trio



daniel schläppi «forces» with Nils Wogram, Colin Vallon and Samuel Rohrer



daniel schläppi «dimensions live» with Colin Vallon and Jürg Bucher



«driftwood» with lukas bitterlin quartet



«interrupted» with araxi karnusian «strange sounds – beautiful music»



«indian summer» with Tomas Sauter, Mix / Mastering Jan Erik Kongshaug, Rainbow Studio, Oslo



«dienda» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio»


«water» with «Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra»


daniel schläppi «dimensions»


«uomo bianco» with Sandro Schneebelis «scala nobile» (world music group)


«Live at Bird’s Eye» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio featuring Eric Alexander»


daniel schläppi «voices»


«The Only Way To Go Is Love» with «Regula Haener & My Dear Little Orchestra» (erhielt den Kulturpreis der Bank UBS)


«Sahar» with «Martin Dahanukars Bloodsystem»


«Live at Moods» with «Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra»


«Cookin’ live» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio»


«Everything I Love» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio»


«Play of Colours» with «Twice A Week» and Steve Elson


«To the Point» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio» and Bläsersatz


«Rita Share’s Ocelot» with der Sängerin Rita Share (vergriffen)


«Just old Fashioned» with «Just old Fashioned»


«Twice A Week US-Edition» with «Twice A Week» (vergriffen)


«Live and Elsewhere» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio»


«Düsentrieb» with «Twice A Week»


«Icarus’ Flight» with «Stewy v. Wattenwyl-Trio»


«That’s Live» with «Twice A Week»



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Yes, of course,
call me for personal information.


- Do you play in private and small circles for musical entertainment, dance music, concerts or artistic performances?

- Do you play on weddings, (birthday) partys, business partys, anniversaries or for plain celebrations?

- Are contemporary music and jazz suited to enrich private meetings?

- Are standard and latin dances as e.g. boogie, bossa nova, calypso, cha cha cha, charleston, disco swing, english waltz, foxtrott, jive, lambada, lindy hop, mambo, merengue, paso doble, quickstep, rock'n'roll, rumba, salsa, samba, son, swing, tango, tango argentino, twist, waltz, viennese waltz part of your repertory?

- Do you play in Bern and suburbs, all around switzerland and in the near abroad?

- Do you perform with bandoneon, violin, guitar, hammond organ, piano, clarinet, trombone, flute, singer, saxophone, drums or trumpet on demand?